Symetrix provides you with additional control over the same processor. Reducing the complexity of your AV system by removing superfluous hardware and code. Also, taking control of your whole audio-video system processing, programming, and integration using cutting-edge tools to develop and display unique system control interfaces for enhanced user experiences.


Symetrix’s award-winning software, along with a comprehensive toolset of high-performance hardware, provides the resources you need to handle any task effectively.



No other DSP platform offers simple, straightforward system control via iOS, Android, or popular computer browsers.


SymVue control software offers total control with rapid GUI authoring – GUIs come to life in minutes, not days. ARC-WEB is an out-of-the-box virtual user interface of control presets for volume, mute & source selection, that is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or PC.


From our touchscreens to the networkable W Series to the budget-friendly ARC wall panels, Symetrix has a control option for every application.

Now you have even MORE CONTROL from the same Symetrix DSP

Control Software

Control Software

Custom configuration of GUIs, presets, logic, security, and scheduling
Touchscreen Display

Touchscreen Display

Design, display, and deploy tailored user experiences
3rd Party Device

3rd Party Device

Control non-Symetrix devices and create unique system features

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