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Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) is a renowned audio technology company specializing in professional sound reinforcement systems. EAW manufactures professional loudspeaker systems that help live, production, and integration businesses deliver even, powerful sound to large audiences in challenging acoustic environments. EAW’s 45-year history of pioneering techniques and technology helped create the modern professional loudspeaker industry.


With a commitment to quality and innovation, EAW delivers exceptional audio performance, clarity, and reliability. Their customized solutions, including line array systems and advanced adaptive technology, have revolutionized the industry, making EAW a trusted name in pro audio.


EAW’s products are designed to meet the specific needs of different venues and applications, ensuring immersive and impactful sound experiences.


EAW’s Adaptive Performance (AP) series, which is AC6, Anna, Anya, and Otto, represents a groundbreaking approach to sound reinforcement. These systems utilize advanced technologies to adapt and optimize their performance based on the specific characteristics of the venue. The adaptive speakers are capable of delivering consistent and high-quality sound in challenging acoustic environments.


EAW is well-known for its line array speaker systems, which are widely used in large venues and events. KF210, KF810P, NTX210L, RSX208L, and, RSX212L Line arrays are designed to provide even sound coverage across a wide area. EAW’s line array speakers are engineered for clarity, precision, and the ability to project sound over long distances.


EAW monitors are crafted for use on stage, allowing performers to hear themselves clearly in live performance settings. It also, offers a range of point source speakers designed to deliver high-quality sound in different settings, such as clubs, theaters, and houses of worship. EAW subwoofers are designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds with power and precision. Whether used in concert sound systems or installed in clubs and theaters, EAW subwoofers deliver deep and impactful bass, enhancing the overall audio experience.


EAW’s column speakers are designed to provide a balance between form and function, delivering clear and articulate sound while blending seamlessly into architectural environments.


With a range of products and a focus on performance, EAW continues to elevate the audio experience for various applications and venues.


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