Symetrix Launch Day: GSL officially launches the Symetrix partnership


GSL Professional recently had a launch day for its Symetrix distribution partnership at its head office in Dubai. The event was aimed at business owners, CEOs and experts in AV. With approximately 45 people in attendance, from KSA and Qatar as well as Dubai, the launch was said to be a success. The day began with a welcome speech by CEO Fouad Fowzi, and a presentation by GSL general manager, Abboud Al Juneidi.


There was also a presentation from Symetrix, explaining the history and function of the company, led by application engineer Quinn Klarer and director of international sales, Jim Newhouse. A spokesperson for GSL Professional said: “We were blown away by the incredible response from attendees and the level of engagement throughout the event. The presentations from Quinn and James were truly inspiring and provided valuable insights into the capabilities of Symetrix. It was great to see so many industry professionals come together to share their passion for audio technology.”

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