Panasonic Team Visit at GSL Professional

Panasonic Team Visit

On March 30th, 2023, GSL Professional LLC was delighted to receive a group of visitors from Panasonic, one of their partner brands. Nakamura, Shimizu Yaushiko, Tetsuya Kawashima, Fijio Hiramori, and Prakash PV were among the visitors from Panasonic. The meeting was held with Faegh Fowzi, the president of GSL Professional LLC.


The meeting primarily focused on exploring ways to leverage Panasonic’s innovative solutions in the areas where GSL distributes its products, particularly in the broadcast sector. The visitors from Panasonic provided valuable insights into their latest products and technologies, which were well received by the GSL team.


Faegh Fowzi expressed his appreciation for the visit, highlighting the importance of the partnership between GSL Professional LLC and Panasonic. The conversation was productive and allowed for an exchange of ideas, enabling both companies to identify new opportunities to collaborate and grow.


Overall, the meeting was successful and motivating, and both companies are committed to continuing their partnership and working together to achieve mutual success. With the expertise and innovation of Panasonic’s solutions, coupled with GSL’s distribution capabilities, the future will provide cutting-edge solutions for its clients, as well as be bright for both GSL and Panasonic.

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