Achieving Excellence: Successful Training in Cutting-Edge Audio Solutions


DOHA, QATAR, November 21, 2023, QSL Professional, the leading provider of audio, video, lighting, and control solutions in Qatar proudly hosted a comprehensive full-day training session in collaboration with Audio-Technica. Alexander Lepges, Technical Director EMEA at Audio-Technica, led the training at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Doha, Qatar. This exclusive training aimed to elevate the skills and knowledge of Qatar-based audio enthusiasts in the dynamic field of audio technology.

The training offered in-depth insights into the features, functionalities, and best practices associated with Audio-Technica’s cutting-edge audio solutions under the direction of Alexander Lepges, a seasoned professional in the field. Attendees gained valuable knowledge on optimizing the performance of the featured products to meet the evolving demands of the audio and broadcast industries.

QSL Professional, operating as a sister company of GSL Professional, benefits from over two decades of industry experience. GSL Professional, a well-established entity, has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality audio solutions. QSL Professional has been serving the Qatari market for the past 5 years, contributing to the growth and advancement of the audio and broadcast sector in the region.

The training session saw active participation from professionals within the organization, with key figures such as John Dodson, Business Development Manager at Audio-Technica; Ibrahim Abuassi, Head of Broadcast at GSL Professional; Keyvan Farrokhi, Technical Engineer at GSL Professional; and Alka Joseph, Sales and Business Development Manager at QSL Professional, providing invaluable support to the trainees.

The training conducted from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., focused on key Audio-Technica products, including the Audio-Technica Link Extender, ATDM Digital SmartMixer, Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphone, Digital UHF Wireless Microphone System, Engineered Sound Wireless System, and Broadcast Sound for Sports Events.

“We believe in continuously enhancing our expertise to better serve our clients, and this training session with Audio-Technica has been instrumental in achieving that goal,” said Alka Joseph, Sales and Business Development Manager at QSL Professional.

Audio-technica training Qatar

“Collaboration with industry experts like Audio-Technica allows us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and better understand the unique needs of our clients,” said Ibrahim Abuassi, Head of Broadcast at GSL Professional. “This training not only strengthens our technical capabilities but also ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional audio solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients in Qatar.”

Thank You to All Trainees:


Thank you for your active participation and commitment to advancing your skills in audio technology. Your enthusiasm has made this training a success. We look forward to applying these insights together.

Special Thanks to Mr. Alexander Lepges and Mr. John Dodson:


A heartfelt thank you to Alexander Lepges, Technical Director EMEA at Audio-Technica, and John Dodson, Business Development Manager at Audio-Technica, for their invaluable guidance during our recent training. Your expertise has made a lasting impact.

QSL Professional remains committed to providing top-notch audio and broadcast solutions, and this training session underscores its dedication to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

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